Andrew Raitz has been coaching at Islip CrossFit since 2015 and took over part ownership in October 2017.

Outside of Islip CrossFit, Andrew works for Rallye Auto Group in their BMW Service Department. Andrew is generally a mellow and relaxed person. He could spend 3 straight hours in the gym putting in hard work, or spend the day at the beach doing nothing.   

One of Andrew’s great achievements in and out of the CrossFit community is his ability to balance the gym, work, family, and fun, etc. He doesn’t let one singular thing consume his time. He believes in the importance of a balanced lifestyle and keeping his priorities in check. 

Andrew became a coach because of his love to help others succeed. He says there is nothing better than working with an athlete and seeing the obvious improvements they have made from his guidance. Andrew loves the community and the fact that he doesn’t just coach ‘people,’ he coaches his friends. 

Both personally and professionally, Andrew is passionate about doing the best he can and never settling for anything less than his absolute best effort. He aspires to be the best person he can be for his family and friends, always striving to have a kind heart and positive attitude.  

It would be impossible for Andrew to give up his gym time...he’d definitely go crazy if he couldn't workout. Aside from his usual Saturday morning grind at the gym, Andrew enjoys to lay back and relax on the weekends. We can surely find him at the beach or laying poolside with his friends and family just enjoying the free time. There is nothing better than being around people who love you to recharge your batteries.