Jon is our signature adventure-seeking coach at Islip CrossFit, with the sweetest soul and kindest of hearts.  

Jon owns Cornucopia Natural Foods, a health food store in Sayville. His hobbies are endless: surfing, rock climbing, and recently Brazilian Jujitsu.  He believes that CrossFit is about diversity and always changing things up, therefore in turn he is constantly learning and playing new sports. His main idea of fitness is feeling good, moving well, and just being ready for whatever life throws at you.

One of Jon’s greatest achievements has been most recently related to his business. For the past two years he has been the sole owner of Cornucopia. In that time he has doubled sales, grown staff, and more importantly became a sustainable company that gives back to his customers and the community.  

Jon became a coach simply because of his love of CrossFit. He is passionate about health and fitness and being a coach fits his lifestyle perfectly. Coaching allows Jon another avenue to give back and share the education of wellness with the community.

When Jon is not working, you can undoubtedly find him on an adventure outside at the beach, hiking, golfing or anything that involves him being in nature. If he’s not doing those things, he’s probably grabbing a beer with friends or just at home reading a book and always doing the one thing he could never give up in life…being awesome