Nick Ullman is the OG owner and coach at Islip CrossFit for over 5 years now. Without Nick we wouldn’t have our happy place to escape to. Despite a variety of changes over the years, it is he who has kept our box successful.

Aside from building a strong community of athletes and hosting a facility that brings so many of us joy every single day, Nick’s other job is running onsite operations for a large healthcare conglomerate, going on 13 years now. He is married for 9 years to his wife Rachel, with 2 children Maya and Luke and a fearless guard dog, Charles T. Funk.

Nick became a coach because he loved so much what CrossFit did for him, and how it showed him what his own body was capable of. He wanted to pass along that same knowledge and feeling of achievement to others.  Nick is passionate about helping other people do far more than what they think they are able to. It truly brightens his whole day when one of his athletes reaches a personal goal.

It would be nearly impossible for Nick to give up exercise. With some minor injuries over the years that, at times, limited his ability has given him (and the rest of us) a taste of what life would be like without any of it…pure misery. It’s safe to say we all agree and want to keep Nick happy

Nick is always working or at the box, but you can typically catch him on a Sunday relaxing and drinking cold beers with his friends and family. He is intense and driven, organized and proactive, demanding and anal, and always confident. In other words, he doesn’t mess around…and we love him for that.