Pete Fishbein is an owner and coach at Islip CrossFit since October, 2017.

Outside of being owner of Islip CrossFit, Pete's other gig is Business Development Director for a luxury automobile dealership. That's a Fancy way of saying he manages marketing and service traffic.

Pete is married for 10 years to his rock star wife Christine, they have two crazy kids Ella and PJ.  He's a big football lover and a huge Carolina Panthers fan...tattoos and all to prove it. He reads every walking dead comic the day it comes out, and is a SUPER superhero geek.

Pete received his Level 1 Certification with no intentions to begin coaching classes. Fast forward to 7 months later, Christine was scheduled to coach a 6am class when the flu hit her hard. Like the gentleman he is, he stepped up the plate to cover her class. It turned out, the members like fact they raved about his class. He caught the coaching bug and the rest is history.  

Pete is passionate about watching his members grind through tough workouts and come out on the other side feeling like they succeeded. His hunger to help people is what drives him to be a great leader not only at Islip CrossFit, but in the entire CrossFit community. There was a point in his life where Pete hit rock bottom being extremely overweight and could barely play in the yard with his daughter. He felt that he if didn't make a healthy lifestyle change, he was going to die. That's when he found Islip CrossFit. He will yell at you, he will push you to your limit, he will inspire you, and he will make you better.  Islip CrossFit saved Pete's life and he works tirelessly each day to return the favor to the box and all its members.